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LC1 Villa Church
Design: Le Corbusier®, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand 2011 (year of drawing 1928)

Description: The first version, dating back to 1928, was designed specifically for the interiors of Villa Church, a residence created by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. The interiors, were designed by Charlotte Perriand who, with supreme delicacy, adapted the details and features of the various furnishings to suit the context of the space. In this case, as evidenced in Perriand's original sketches and notes, the LC1 seat is adorned with a blue satin weave and further embellished by its comfortable padding.

A satin weave is also chosen for the gently tapered armrests, except towards the front where leather is used to guarantee stability against the chrome-plated frame. An elegant interpretation in which the minimalism of the armchair is softened and given a gentler, more feminine feel.

The structure is in polished steel. The padded seat and backrest in polyurethane.
The armrests are wider at the front and tapered towards the back.

Upholstery Options:
- blue satin, with the front part of the armrest featuring grey leather trimmings
- leather with coordinated armrest.

25.2 x 26 x h 15.7/ 25.6 in

Produced under the license from the Foundation Le Corbusier and so indicated by a stamped signature and serial number on each model.

LE CORBUSIER is a registered trademark.

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