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Design: Le Corbusier®, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand (1928)

Description: Chaise lounge with adjustable chrome or matte black cradle and matte black base. The upholstery of the base is available in the following materials:
hairy skin with black leather headrest. Colored leather with either a black leather headrest or matching color headrest, or special canvas with leather footrest and headrest in choice of three colors.

LC4 is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

In addition to the distinctive symbol of authenticity of the Cassina brand (which includes a progressive production number, the signatures of the designers and the Cassina I Maestri logo) found on all models, the designer's indicia is now also be visible on the base of the metallic frames of the LC2, LC3 and LC4 seats. This logo indicates that Cassina is the only company with exclusive international rights to reproduce Le Corbusier furniture. This is in accordance with Fondazione Le Corbusier and the heirs of the codesigners that, since 1964, have chosen Cassina as their exclusive spokesperson due to its sensibility and respect for the original project, as well as its consolidated production expertise.

The name LE CORBUSIER is a registered trademark.

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